Just Another Frothing Islamophobe
The "nuke Mecca" standard is a useful one for establishing whether one is a jafi or not.
by Faried Nawaz November 01, 2006
Top Definition
acronym and adjective

pronounced: jaffy

Just Asking For It

usually pertaining to attractive females wearing short skirts and low cut tops or barely any clothing at all.

Henry: "Did you see tha group of girls in line at TAO night club?"

Steve: "Yea that chick in the brown dress was JAFI!"
by GeneralManager March 27, 2008
JAFI is an acronym for Just Another Fucking Idiot. Pronounced as "Jaffy"
"Look at that broad crying to get out of that ticket"

"Yea...and she thinks that TV COPS shit works...JAFI."
by MarshalDillon February 16, 2010
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