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This is a douchebag that handles stupid peoples money. He shouldnt be able to handle his own nads, let alone other peoples hard-earned money. This man is the biggest douchbag EVER.
"its my money, and i need it now!" "STFU J.G. Wentworth!!!"
by Zellular February 23, 2009
11 1
a company that thrives on other peoples misery. structures settlement puchasers
Wow jg wentworth sure is a bunch off assholes, eh?
by officer barbrady April 01, 2008
44 17
The act of secretively taking ones finger and briefly swiping your partner's coinslot and then inserting it into the unsuspecting person's nasal cavity.
Dude, last night while I was undressing my girlfriend totally pulled a JG Wentworth on my ass! I had no idea how bad my ass stank!!
by JS&CO August 08, 2011
5 0