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a jewish american princess.
a jewish girl who is incredibly spoiled in every way, and gets whateevr she wants, whenever she wants.Usually out and about. SHe knows the latest trends and is always up to date on things going on around her.
That Jap really is beautiful.
by skinnydood456 March 07, 2007
A jap is a jewish american princess that thinks she is the best thing ever but they actually aren't.

They think they are so popular but really nobody but their JAP friends like them. They are ALLL over the Main Line, PA
and they nearly all go to school in Lower Merion School District. However, they are found all over the U.S.

Japs tend to be kinda slutty and very easy.

In summer a JAP might wear:
-Plaid shorts in many different colors
-Different colored sugar lips tank tops
-Bat/Bar Mitzvah clothes

In winter a JAP might wear:
-Solos or hardtails
-Juicy sweatpants
-Juicy "zip ups"
-Bat/Bar Mitzvah clothes
-Designer jeans
- NOrth Faces

Japs USUALLY have like 100 braceltes on one arm including friendship bracelets from tehir "campies" and tiffanys bracelets.

JAPS usually are very jewish looking and they usually pull their curly/wavy hair into a side pony tail or messy bun that looks like crap. Or they straighting the crap out of their hair until it looks fried. JAPS usually are not that pretty but they put on tons of expensive designer makeup to make themselves look "hot"

JAPS usually have divorced parents and are REALLY rich because they are surrounded in rich people. They get whatever they want and are really spoiled.

Common JAP names also include: Molly, Haley, Gabrielle (or some form of it e.x:Gabby, Gab or Brielle), Illisa, Lissy, Alexandra, Lexy, Alex, Samantha (sammy or sam), Caroline, Emily (emmy)
Girl 1: Look at Lexy
(girl with solos and a bar mitzvah sweatshirt wlks in)
Girl 2: She is such a JAP
by xxAliceJessicaxx February 06, 2009
japanese people
dem fuckin japs aint neva gon mouth off at me agen, fuckin chinkz
by BabyBlaza December 14, 2003
a stereotype that demeans jews and women all at the same time. nice! what do people call rich spoiled gentile girls? is there a specific term for them if they are catholic, or christian, or any other religion? sure, there are rich spoiled jewish women, just like there are rich spoiled women of other religions and nationalities, so why single jewish women out?
she's such a J.A.P.
by diggity75 September 10, 2005
a)jewish american princess
- wears only designer labels
-will never have a job in their lifetime
-her house is huge for no reason
-only liked by other JAPs
-extremely easy
-hair is ALWAYS straigt
-side pony tail or "messy bun"- and it takes them hours to do it
-they "heart" everything
-typical outfit:
---so-lo pants
---north face flece
---puma sneakers
---5 polos at once
-hated by everyone in valley cottage and nyack
b)the entire population of felix festa middle school (new city and congers)
(girl walks in wearing a pink northface and pink tye-die solos and her hair is in a messy bun)
Nyack Girl: damn japs
by ktlyneeee July 23, 2006
Sexy Jewish girls with a lot of money.
Im such a JAP i luv 2 go shoping with daddy's credit card
by a sexy JAP April 29, 2005
A Jewish American Princess (JAP) owns:
Hardtail and/or Juicy sweatpants, UGGs, a black puffy North Face, many cut sweatshirts, 2ct diamond earings, a Michele Watch, many long beaded necklaces, a Longchamp bag to carry books in, a Herves bag to carry laptop, a Louis key wallet for keys to their X5, a black RAZR, many Juicy zip-ups, Burberry scarves (NOT THE ORIGINAL COLORS!) , David Yurman jewelery. Dior or Chanel or Gucci sunglasses, 575 jeans, Rock & Republics, Seven for All Mankind denim (with Swarovski crystals), Citizens of Humanity jeans
A common misconception about JAPrincesses is that they wear jewelery from Tiffany & Co. They DO NOT (unless perhaps they're in 7th grade).

A Jewish American Prince owns:
Burberry polos, man-Sevens, New Balance shoes, North Face fleeces, UGG slippers, tilted hats, a Louis Vuitton wallet, a TAG Heuer watch, a disgusting gold chain worn outside their shirt, everything Ralph Lauren. Occasionally a JAPrince wears Ralph Lauren sweatpants and Lacoste sweatbands. He drives a BMW 3-series, Audi A4, Jeep Grand Cherokee (LIMITED) and uses a Treo cell phone.

ALL JAPS: Winter break at the Boca Beach Club while visiting their grandparents, Spring break at Cabo, Aspen, Bahamas... you know how we do.

JAPs live in: Jericho NY, Massapequa NY... Westchester, Long Island... Short Hills NJ, West Bloomfield MI, Farmington Hills MI, Highland Park IL, Northbrook IL, Minnetonka MN, Golden Valley MN, all over Los Angeles, Boca Raton +- 30 miles, Buckhead GA, Main Line PA, Shaker Heights OH, Bexley OH

Common JAPrincess names include: Melissa, Emily, Allison, Michelle, Abby, Amy, Erica, Jamie, Laura, Lauren, Shira, Shana, Aliza, Mollie, Molly, Lindsay, Dani, Danielle, Becca, Elana, Stefanie, Jaclyn, Jackie, Carly

Common JAPrince names: Michael, Jonothan, Mark, Josh, Jeremy, David, Danny, Jared, Jeff, Matt, Adam, Aaron, Scott, Ross,
Some common examples... JAPS are: 1/4 of the students at the University of Michigan, 1/3 of the students at Emory, 3/4 of the students at Syracuse, all of the students at GW.
by Carly Jap January 25, 2006