A masculine being that segues and flirts his way into the hearts of others

Sort of like a jock but instead of sports the he flirts a a lot

(Mostly in Philippine context)
E.g. Dude, stop being the shoulder to cry on, you're being such a Jap


Man! Playing the emotional figure just to get a chick- you're such a Jap!
by Landiiii September 27, 2010
(not referring to jewish americans)
people with really small eyes and a really big brain. one who white lazy people take advantage of.
them japs think their sooo cool with their kung foo skillz.
by orange March 13, 2005
Japanese Assassins Pumped on Speed
Best Online Gaming Clan EVER!
japs pwn joo!!!!
by w00b December 12, 2003
the girls who inhabit my school; whores, sluts, skanks, ass holes, annoying and stupid, hated, yet popular in my school?!?!?!?!?
look at that skirt, it so short, she's such a j.a.p.!
by kaitlin April 19, 2005
(1)Sneaky, conniving individual of from the former evil empire of Japan. Traits include: lack of compassion towards others, and inability to surrender. These individuals are very good at dying in droves by the hand of U.S. Marines and the U.S. Navy.

(2) Lowest form of human life.
(3) Attack people without provocation.
Ichiro is acting like such a Jap, he killed some kittens and punched me without warning.
by ixbo48 May 03, 2010
Girls who love to look and feel great. It usually takes daddy's credit card to make her happy, but that doesnt mean she is a bad person. She lives on long island in towns such as oyster bay cove, upper brookville, jericho, and roslyn. In most of their garages are porsches, mercedes, bmws, ferraris, etc.they love to wear designer clothes, and they always look great wearing them!
OMG, look how hot that j.a.p. is in her burberry coat!
by Jappy&Cute July 03, 2006
Stands for Jewish American Princess or Prince. Usually refered to a spoiled or stuck up rich jewish person. Does not apply to all jews.
OMG look at her juicy cutoure sweat suit. What a jap.
by nah bra March 29, 2008
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