Jewish American Princess: Rich, spoiled and popular Jewish girls who go to sleepover camps just to make out with boys act like little sluts all the time. Some of them are also druggies.
Wow that J.A.P. made a new record. She succeeded in shopping at 10 stores while talking on a cellphone and giving head to a guy at the same time! Good job jap. Probably the only thing you can ever accomplish.
by Adamblah March 29, 2007
A gaming clan that revolves completley around reliying 100% on the code that directs thier aimbots. Can be found owning aol "noobies" in several servers on most days. Originaly primarily composed of myg0t-denied "noobs", JAPS now consists of most any human than can extract .zip files.
Competative against other cheaters
Same basic ideas as classic gamers: rules of conduct, unallowed actions/progs, but in a cheating environment.
For contrast to classic gammers see "myg0t"
JAPS servers got dosed again.
by heklim November 30, 2003
-Jewish American Princess

-common in toronto, this specimen uses words such as "ohhh myy gawwd" and "like, Totally!" way too often.

-they tend to have a terrible way of dress, typically consisting of gray sweat pants from the Roots, with a black tank top that tends to be way too small for them and from which everything you dont want to see pops out (eg. fat, hair, etc).

-a nightmare to anyone.

-not a racial expression against jews.
people you dont want to be near because of their extreme annoyance and uglyness and their absolute absent talent of style.
Look at those JAPs. i wish i would never have seen them so i wouldn't have insomnia.
by sofia January 20, 2004
Japanese-American Princess. A real term, a take-off on the term Jewish-American Princess, and a bit of a play on the derogatory term for Japanese by Americans during WWII. Refers to women of any age who are a little spoiled and used to getting what they want. Not always derogatory, usually humorous, often used to describe oneself. Primarily used on the West Coast of the USA.
Gosh, Lynn, I'm a real Jap, my father always gave me what I wanted, and now I make my husband always give in whenever I want something!
by threeadayshave July 15, 2010
Short for Japs Eye. The opening in the male organ leading to the piss pipes.
1) My japs really stings
2) The nurse stuck a swab up my japs
by Rich May 10, 2004
over speeders and autoshooting nubs that think they own the cheating community.
JAPSGeneral-Jap: Har, my clan owns all other counter-stike hax0r clans, we scared all of our competition away although we love the ashoot!11 but we pewn n00bs!
by xpsmokey July 07, 2004
a hacking clan led by general-jap and book of revealation. They used cheats to dominating the hacking world rather than raging and pissing ppl.
JAPSGeneral-Jap: want to have a cheating match with us, rambo and 88 ?
rambo: we will dominate your clan.
88: hell yeah, we will
JAPSBookrev: well, let play

2 hours later........

rambo: oh no, i am so retarded. i sux like noob. JAPS pwn us :**(
88: i feel so stupid. i am such a noob haxor. JAPS is a nice clan.
JAPSGeneral-jap: it alrite, try better next time.
rambo: i sux i sux i sux i sux.
by Joe King November 19, 2003

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