Jewish American Princess. Used to describe spoiled jewish girls, but should not be used lightly because it IS a derogatory term.
I can't believe the TEACHER called her a JAP. There are some jappy girls at school, but she isn't one.
by ShortDarkAndPretty March 18, 2005
- Jewish American Princess
- Usually doesnt work, doesnt want to work.
- Daddys girl...
- More intelligent than a prep.
- Says like all the time
-boasts or brags about herself a lot.
- Annoys the hell outta u,
" Omg, ok so like yesterday i saw this cute shirt that was like 40 bucks, n im like "im sooo getting this, u know what i mean?"
- Daddy my nail broke!!!!!!!! *cries*
by FroopRox February 15, 2004
a short term for japanese, derived from WWII , unpolite.
see those wealthy but filthy Japs
by didier April 24, 2007
Literal Meaning: A JAP is an abreviation for Jewish American Princess, although you can be Canadian, and non-Jewish.

How they act: A JAP is known as somebody who craves attention They are very loud and laugh alot. They also wear purses that have a sqaure bottom and long strap that goes over your shoulder. They all go to the same camp, and all talk about how amazing camp was.

How they dress: Can usually be seen wearing colours like beige, brown, and grey. Their pony-tails are always messy. They wear clothes from Lu Lu Lemon, American Eagle, or Abercrombie and Fitch. They either wear a baggy shirt and tight pants (i.e. leggings), or tight shit and baggy pants (i.e. sweat pants)
That was so boring, the only things that those japs were talking about was how amazing camp was.
by JESSEAAHJOH April 07, 2007
The muck that gets on your trouser legs when walking in Northern Ireland
Holy Jesus look at the japs on my new trousers, I only bought the fuckers a few days ago
by Le Chicken January 01, 2009
J.A.P = Jewish American Princess This definition only applies for J.A.Ps in the Toronto area!

A J.A.P is a very wealthy girl with Jewish heritige.

Some things a J.A.P would wear is:
-Juicy hoodies
-Free City hoodies and sweatpants
-American Apperal

-Canada Goose or the older coat, North Face
-VS Pink
- TNA, generally Aritzia brands
-Moccasins and UGGs
- Tiffany and Co. necklaces
- Basicly anything that's expensive.

- Gigantic homes in the Lytton Park, Rosedale, Moore Park, Bridle Path , Larence Park, and Forest Hill
- Expensive family cars like BMW and Volkswagan
- Extravigant Bat Mitzvas where they invite other J.A.Ps who connect with each other.

- Sleepover Camp generally White Pine

All the J.A.Ps in the Toronto area know each other

J.A.Ps in the Toronto area are actually very nice. They don't talk about what they have and they don't brag. They are extremly outgoing people and never shy. All the guys drool over them because they are naturally pretty. They don't wear a lot of make up and they don't care if they're wearing designer sweat pants on a date.

J.A.Ps can be found at the following schools:
-Forest Hill (big one)
-Havergal College (private school)
- Bishop S (private school)

Non-Jewish rich girls are also considered J.A.Ps.
Person 1- Look at that girl over there, ugh she has everything.
Person 2: She's such a J.A.P
by RitchieRich July 08, 2011
A derogatory term used in World War II used to describe Japanese soldiers. It is now commonly used to insult people of Japanese descent in general, or even someone who just appears Asian or has squinted eyes for example.
Parker's such a Jap, have you seen his eyes?
by bigheadu April 02, 2015
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