A term used to disquise another racial slur when in the presence of non-english speaking immigrants that are not of japanese desent. This is commonly used in the construction field when working with hispanics so they are unaware that they are being insulted. This is ok because these individuals are most likely talking about you in their language.
1. "Tony, the japs keep screwing up, I thought these guys knew what they were doing".

2."hahaha those japs are clueless that we are talking about them"

3. "Barker's going to kill one of those japs if they keep staring at his ass"
by granrooster June 26, 2006
short for Japanese, often used in derogatory ways.
that fuckin Jap eats too much damn ramen.
by KRHimself June 09, 2005
IT is not a crime to be be a JAP!... A JAP is not always a slut or a spoiled brat... we just can't help it if boys love us and our parents enjoy giving us large amounts of money to spend on clothing and accesories. People who use to term JAP to describe someone are just jealous because we are hotter and have more money then you. If you haven't realized, most JAPs are very intelligent and go to very good colleges and universities. We aren't all about materialistic things. The term JAP is based on jealousy!
Clothing a JAP might wear: Seven, Blue Cult, Joes, Paper Denim & Cloth, Citizens, Lacoste, Abercrombie, C & C, Hardtail, Juicy, Marc Jacobs, Theory, D & G, Burberry, Ella Moss, Prada, etc...

Shoes a JAP might wear: Adidas Originals, Pumas, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Havianas, Reefs, Nike, Gucci, Burberry, etc...

Cars a JAP might drive: Audi, BMW, Mercedes(my personal favorite), Range Rover, Acuras, etc...

You can find JAPs in: Livingston, Millburn/Shorthills, Tenafly, Long Island, etc...
by Rachel Gabriella June 26, 2005
(verb) to renege on plans, often without telling others involved in the plan. Similar to standing someone up, but not usually used romantically or in a dating situation.
>Lynn, Julie and I went to Tapa's last night; we had a great time
>>Wasn't Lisa supposed to meet you out too?
>Yea, she never showed up! She didn't call or anything; she totally japped.
>Mom, you said you would come in to help me today. I can't believe you are japping on me AGAIN!
by M-No September 06, 2006
-A female not nessesarily Jewish or american, who belives that ones appearence is very important and is willing to do whatever it takes to look their best
-has usually large breasts, hips and a smaller waist with good legs, short
-optomistic and happy
-may seem to be superficial but is actually quite intelligent and is usually very educated
-wears very shleppy clothing (like sweats with holes or yoga pants) but manages to look put together
-likes to talk
-generally pleasent towards others
-interested in keeping well groomed
-low pain tolerance
"omg! hi! how are you! what have you been up to latley?"
"Ugh, i need a brazillian already"
by elleinad August 11, 2004
To masturbate, originated from the slang for Japanese, since they are always masturbating.
What's Matsuoka doing?
Oh as usual, he's just japping.

Yo, isn't that babe jappable?
(In this case, it means she is hot enough for you to jap while staring at her picture.)
by pierre dyslmbt February 11, 2009
acronym for Jewish American Princess.
Not every girl who wears Juicy, Louis Vitton, a side ponytail, baggy pants, goes to camp and private school is a jap, although many do. JAPS are internally insecure and show off their materialistic belongings because they are subconciously lacking. The truth is many JAPS have parents who are either over or under involved in their daughter's life. Instead of making fun of a JAP, you should pity her, for all she has is her Daddy's money.
"That girl is such a JAP." "It's sad that she is so unhappy and has nothing going for her."
by jdfh May 16, 2005

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