A Jewish American Princess (JAP) owns:
Hardtail and/or Juicy sweatpants, UGGs, a black puffy North Face, many cut sweatshirts, 2ct diamond earings, a Michele Watch, many long beaded necklaces, a Longchamp bag to carry books in, a Herves bag to carry laptop, a Louis key wallet for keys to their X5, a black RAZR, many Juicy zip-ups, Burberry scarves (NOT THE ORIGINAL COLORS!) , David Yurman jewelery. Dior or Chanel or Gucci sunglasses, 575 jeans, Rock & Republics, Seven for All Mankind denim (with Swarovski crystals), Citizens of Humanity jeans
A common misconception about JAPrincesses is that they wear jewelery from Tiffany & Co. They DO NOT (unless perhaps they're in 7th grade).

A Jewish American Prince owns:
Burberry polos, man-Sevens, New Balance shoes, North Face fleeces, UGG slippers, tilted hats, a Louis Vuitton wallet, a TAG Heuer watch, a disgusting gold chain worn outside their shirt, everything Ralph Lauren. Occasionally a JAPrince wears Ralph Lauren sweatpants and Lacoste sweatbands. He drives a BMW 3-series, Audi A4, Jeep Grand Cherokee (LIMITED) and uses a Treo cell phone.

ALL JAPS: Winter break at the Boca Beach Club while visiting their grandparents, Spring break at Cabo, Aspen, Bahamas... you know how we do.

JAPs live in: Jericho NY, Massapequa NY... Westchester, Long Island... Short Hills NJ, West Bloomfield MI, Farmington Hills MI, Highland Park IL, Northbrook IL, Minnetonka MN, Golden Valley MN, all over Los Angeles, Boca Raton +- 30 miles, Buckhead GA, Main Line PA, Shaker Heights OH, Bexley OH

Common JAPrincess names include: Melissa, Emily, Allison, Michelle, Abby, Amy, Erica, Jamie, Laura, Lauren, Shira, Shana, Aliza, Mollie, Molly, Lindsay, Dani, Danielle, Becca, Elana, Stefanie, Jaclyn, Jackie, Carly

Common JAPrince names: Michael, Jonothan, Mark, Josh, Jeremy, David, Danny, Jared, Jeff, Matt, Adam, Aaron, Scott, Ross,
Some common examples... JAPS are: 1/4 of the students at the University of Michigan, 1/3 of the students at Emory, 3/4 of the students at Syracuse, all of the students at GW.
by Carly Jap January 25, 2006
To sneak someone in a fight, to punch em quick, cheapshot, etc. Obvioulsy in reference to Pearl Harbor.
Yo, I japped that kid that was talking smack.
by ELSE3573 September 18, 2008
A pretty large brested girl with the best clothes and styles, who loves to shop!! Goes to expensive and fun sleepaway camps. Has the nicest designer clothes, bags, sunglasses, shoes etc. Goes on the greatest vacations (such as going on cruises). She always looks her best! Its not a crime to be a jap, hey I am one.
omg check out my new j.a.p. bag, always designer of course!
do you wanna go shopping with me this weekend, j.a.p.s always do??
by jappy girl92392 August 14, 2006
a jewish girl who has a certain amount of money and the ability to indulge at certain times. japs have taste and class. not all japs are spoiled and sluts. most are from the new york area and many go to sleepaway camp. it can be used as a derogetory term but people have come to enjoy it. one should be proud of being a jap
It it a privilege to be a J.A.P.
by cfaye518 July 05, 2006
Jewish American Prince, can also me used for males. These male japs reside in the upper-middle class suburbs of philadelphia. Tehy think they are city people, simply because they eat cheesesteaks and are sports fans. Their families flaunt their pretty much non-existant wealth by leasing expensive Lexus SUV's while telling they rest of the synagogue that they baught it.
Japs can be male too.
by Phillyan May 25, 2005
jewish american princess
Q what do JAPs and tampons have in common ?

A they're both stuck up cunts.
by sister mary fuck face March 10, 2008
An offensive abbreviation of "Japanese" that was first used during WWII, but is still thrown around freely today without people realizing how offensive it really is.
guy 1: I wonder what anime the japs are making nowadays?
guy 2: they're called Japanese you dumbass.
by kloan December 16, 2008

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