Jewish American Princess. Commonly found in their natural habitat in Thornhill, Toronto. Most creatures from this species are found walking around the promenade, texting on their blackberry's.

Japs are usually found wearing:
TNA, Juicy, Lululemon, Abrecrombie, American Eagle, UGGS (for ugly), Coach, Guess, Freecity, PINK, Roots, etc.

Japs are found using words such as:
Pretts, uggs, obvss, whatevss, jkss, legit chilzz, kdot, Abbriviations such as: OMG, ilysfm, etc.

Common Jap actions:
Taking pics in their bikini's
Taking pics of themselves in the mirror with their BB
Having Glamorous bat mitzvah's their daddy paid for
Going on vacays in: Mexico, NYC, Florida, etc.
Spending their summers @ Camp Ramah or Cottage
Wearing their hair in messy buns or staight

Bragging about their mac Laptops.
Wearing makeup at an early age.

Extreme version of jap: Gina
(in aritzia)
Tamara: Gawd just get me everything in the store, and every color TOMS. Im a size 6. (snaps)

Jap mom: Okay sweety, i'll just walk around the store because i have no job and get your everything. Ill scan it on your dads credit card who we never get to see. Love you too!!

Stalker: Wow they are such JAPS!!!

Other stalker: Agreed!!
by Japstalker June 26, 2011
Top Definition
Jewish American Princess; a bitchy, spoiled, golddigging Jewish female; Raised in a wealthy household, selfish, high-maintenance to the point of sheer insanity, stuck-up, the worst woman to date/marry on planet earth, yet deemed the most desirable by jewish mothers, who attempt to force them down the throats of their unsuspecting sons (all for the sake of perserving "Jewish Heritage.")

A Female who collects designer fashion items and status symbols (including men).
Bane to the existence of dating men. The key to an unhappy relationship for the rest of your life. Large breasted, outwardly attractive, internally spoiled, greedy, complicated, self-righteous, and obnoxiously difficult and overbearing jewish female.

See www.jdate.com or refer to the "She put the Jew in Jewess Jeans" classic Saturday Night Live skit for examples.
"Jdate is full of J.A.P.'s."

"That girl is a total J.A.P."

"What an f_ing J.A.P.!"
by D March 29, 2004
A term used for people of Japanses decent, also used as a derogatory term during World War II.
i killed 5 of them japs today
danm kamakazi japs
by a Jap November 18, 2005
A Chicago Word (verb)
1.To yell or go off on someone.
Man,they forgot to fix my car so I had to JAP on them.
by Darkness T January 05, 2009
A chicago term for snapping on someone. It means to have a heated argument with another person.
Man, I just japped on her.
Don't maake me jap on you.
by Trish Washington May 18, 2007

JAP= Jewish American Princess, but have now migrated into Canada as well. They get whatever they want, and are insanely rich, spoiled, and bitchy.

A JAP can be commonly be seen wearing:
-TNA, American Apparel, or Juicy hoodies
-Roots, Lulu Lemon, or TNA sweatpants
-A TNA or North face Coat
-UGG Boots
-Moccasins and Birkenstocks
-American Eagle, etc.
-A shitload of makeup
-Straightened hair
-A messy bun, attempting to be fashionable.

-Always at camp
-Insane Bat Mitzvahs
-Huge House (commonly found in Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, or Lytton Park)
-Divorced parents with great connections
-Huge cottages on Lake Muskoka or Lake Joseph


Person A: OMG did you hear about Emily?

Person B: No

Person A: For her 13th birthday, she got a Tiffany necklace, her 4th pair of UGGs, an iPhone, and $500!

Person B: OMG what a JAP!
by heyitsme199666 January 04, 2010
Jewish American Princess: Female of Jewish origin
(1)That "women" is your typical J.A.P.(2)Stop acting like a JAP (3)That J.A.P. would not stop complaining!(4) Face it your the average J.A.P.
by mikel T August 17, 2006
An insulting and racist method of refering to Japanese people of the Empire of Japan
Stanton, you're a Jap!
by harry okamoto June 30, 2005
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