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1) Deep voiced person that believes Hitler was from Austria and not from Germany; very wary of spies as well
2) Someone that has no aptitude for geometry and can never answer a question correctly
J Whale on street corner: I'm telling you people that Hitler is from Austria not Germany. Open your eyes and don't be deceived!!! Another thing too, squares do not have four sides and trapezoids are the best!
Bystander: Shut the fuck up. Your voice is setting off car alarms, hurting my dog, and misleading whales to the beach!!
by Dispatchrox919(1) June 04, 2009
a creature far larger than a whale. typically a human being
must be perceived to be in access of weighing a tonne.
can also be used as an insult to obese Americans
Ted:yo mike, you keep downing those burgers ull become a j-whale, (haha)

Mike:your right ted, I might just go and vomit
by fat joe21 May 18, 2008
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