a girl who is very promiscuos but is especially known for gettin with a large number of guys in a single night.
that j mac got with 8 guys lastnight.
by Ben Samschuck September 24, 2006
Top Definition
1. An act of retardedness
i.e. the act of being retarded or imitating mental retardedness.

2. Also, used in basketball when shooting six 3-pointers in a row.
1) "Dude, when you ran into that door that was so J Mac."

2) "That kid just shot 5 3-pointers! One more and he'll pull a J Mac!"
by jmacbrokeback April 15, 2006
When your last name begins with Mc or Mac and Your first begins With a J to create JMaC
guy#1 why do u call yourself JMaC?
JMaC: Because my last name is Mc or Mac to create mac and my first name Begins with J

Yo JMaC wat up man.
by john doe#12 July 07, 2006
a dangerous stage of drunk, beyond blackout drunk
I had the shittiest day at work- I just wanna go get Jmac drunk tonight.
by Itsyaboynatedawg June 28, 2009
short word for tha fucking hot singer Jesse McCartney
i love jmac!

i want you and your beautiful soul..
by Margio June 06, 2007
In reference to Jason McElwain the autistic basketball player from Greece, New York who was the ball boy on the team because he never made any baskets,he was put into the basketball game in the last few minutes and proceeded to completely miss the first basket, then score 20 points with 6 three point shots in a row. This phrase is used when some one does something especially stupid, "J-mac moment," or when you are attempting to make a basket and miss and then try again and make it.

J-mac now has an movie and book deal, with Disney. The Local McDonalds also served J-Mac's, not Big Macs for a few days. His catch phrase is "I'm hot as a pistol!"
George: Should I put ice in the iced tea?
Bonnie: Of course!
George: Sorry, J-mac moment!

Bill: (throws a paper towel away and misses, then tries again and makes it.)
Nancy: J-Mac!
by J-Mac is retarded April 09, 2006
zoning out in class and getting a odd downsindrom autistic look on your face
Teacher:jeff please answer the question.. JEFF WAKE UP
Jeff:sorry i was j-macing
by kickyournuts May 08, 2006
A shortened nickname for Senator John McCain.
Influenced by the recent trend for abbreviating celebrity names by using the first letter of the celeb's first name, with the first syllable of the celeb's last name (ie, Jennifer Lopez=Jlo)
Pat: Did you hear John McCain's running for pres?

Ray: Good luck with that, Jmac.
by sp00ki April 26, 2007
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