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Bad ass, Ex-Navy, drift car racing, rescue swimmer, who has a bad ass truck with way too many lights, and likes his Red Bull at 8 in the morning. However as much as he is a bad ass he has the stature of a hobbit, male pattern baldness at the age of six, and had tiny ass hands. However this does not affect his overall awesomeness, and has a comb over on his big toes and a dirty mexican mustache.
You cant beat that awesome ass J Love!!
#j love #love #j #bad ass #navy #hobbit #hair #drifting #car #truck #lights
by CMS MAFIA June 05, 2009
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Once upon a time there was a boy named Jon. Everyone loved him. Thus, he is J-Love.
J-love can count to ten; with his EYES CLOSED!
#jon #j #love #j love #j-love
by mynameisnotmentioned January 22, 2009
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