When you want a golf ball to spin back or check.
"Man, did that have some sick jice or what!"
"I hit a pure tour wedge into the 16th and it jiced so much! Sick!
by Twineseth January 19, 2011
Top Definition
J Ice is an urban music producer and DJ based in the Midlands, UK.

Although he is a predominant figure in the British Asian music movement as a DJ (especially in Coventry) he is one of the few UK based music producers who specializes in American style RnB and Hiphop rather than the ever growing styles of UK Hiphop/Grime.

He is currently working on many projects but is slowly working on his debut release which will be a single. An album should be expected shortly after.

myspace . com/jiceuk
J Ice Styles comparable to Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, RZA, DJ Quik, Warren G
by Ra3k July 10, 2008
1) the plural of juice

2) anything else you want it to be
1) "Coach we need more jice in the ice box"

2) "Oh you got jiced!"

3) "JICE!"
by Mr. Poptard October 07, 2008
Jiz + Nice

Either when a nice girl makes you jiz or when you jiz so well that you feel nice afterwards.

Can also be used as a noun meaning nice jiz.
She swallowed my jice.
I banged her twice and made jice.
by Mike Lo June 17, 2006
a group of jewish people
the jice came out of the assemply
by krisnic June 14, 2007
A gang made up of 6 people who are all whiteboys from Centereach NY.
Fuckin whiteboys...    
by mambo*king October 13, 2004
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