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Someone with superior dancing skills, which she showcases naked on weekend breaks with her friends
I just got beaten in a dance-off with Jbill
by nelson March 02, 2005
the act of smoking fake weed made of oregano, parsley, leaves straight off of the tree, grass out of the lawn mower bag, or a wendey's garden salad.


the act of being illergic to life or creeping hard on girls


the act of wearing condoms around 24/7 in hope of getting laid- it doesnt hurt to be prepared
im going to j-bills at the prom night
by FLY-INgHI October 09, 2010
A person who knows whats at stake and/or kills apparatuses of smoke (e.g. bedis, cigarettes and weed) beyond what is acceptable in most social circles
The typical social habits of a J Bills

J Bills - Can I get kills?
Person - Theres nothing left.
J Bills - I can still get some out of that.
by Dr. Spock April 13, 2008

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