The tenth letter in the alphabet.
Random Quizz: Name the tenth letter in the alphabet in less than 3 seconds and you win 10000 dollars.

Eddy: Umm k.

Random Quizz: sorry you fail. Its J.
by Geronimo69 July 17, 2009
calling some gay, but in a less offensive way, referring to an item, place or person that is not of the person's liking.
Wow that's a pretty J policy!
by sneakygreeky8 November 30, 2010
Used to replace a word or phrase in the English language.
Dude, can I borrow your J's?
Yea man.

Wuddup cuz. You going to Danny's J?

C'mon broski! I haven't even had one J today!
That's not my J, J.
by DJ Daveed May 06, 2010
hood slang for a nice looking shot (tight shot) in the game of basketball
Person 1: Look at that J!
Person 2: Ay dat wuz tight!
by Mango Street December 07, 2009
1. the act of making a jump shot in a game of basketball while another player desperately jumps in a flailing effort to contest/block the shot; derived from Michael Jordan's greatest shot, thus being called the "j" because of his last initial.

2. j's: jesus' basketball shoes.

3. a joint of marijuana.

3... 2... 1 !!!!!!! THE BULLS WIN! that nikka got J'd!!!

i just got a fresh pair of j's from footlocker.

yo homez, pass the fawkin j already damn!
by yoer mohm February 21, 2007
to punch another individual with great force
"Don't mess with me or I'll j you in the face!"
by dO THE LANCER rumble November 29, 2011
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