j meaning 'junkie' as in lil jons song im a j
"im a j.im a j,all i do is smoke weed all day"
"im a j.im a j, all i do is pop pills all day"
by dave87 October 20, 2007
a marijuana cigarette; short slang for "joint"
"Hey man, you wanna puff the J?"
by Sin Harvest June 16, 2006
Joint reefa etc ganja smokes
fuckin hell pass the J already
by Bobmarley June 07, 2003
Another term for a vagina, short for "va-jay-jay."
I wanted to get some, but forgot to shave my J.
by lysspauli December 07, 2009
1. A joint. obvious.
2. a Junkie. (the real definition most of the time.
ex. TI "Getting head from a J" 24's
ex 2. TI "I got the hard for the J" Dope Boys
ex 3. JR Money - My phone ringing cause i am the hook for the J"
by Andy Wang May 11, 2007
short for joint; a marijuana cigarette
I wanna smoke a j.
by thesters July 18, 2008
1. A joint, or cigarette-paper rolled weed.

2. Slang for Air Jordan sneakers.

3. A Jew, especially a Jewish g, or gangsta. See also jigga
1. Yo, how many j's you rollin up for tonight?

2. That's a shiny pair of J's you got there, man.

3. He says he's both a J and a G.
by anon15432 March 26, 2007
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