The verb of ejaculating pertaining to pwning another person. Short for jizz.
That guy just totally j'ed on your face!
by ipwnunoob March 19, 2009
only a nickname given to a bro with his name starting with this letter. a common brotherhood between two guys that have been through too much shit in their life at a young age.
"ay, that's my boy j. right over there."
by j21989 March 10, 2008
There is only one J in the universe. These are the characteristics of J: perfect hair, jacked up truck, always has a hott girlfriend, redneck and preppy all at the same time, perfectly tan, belt buckle, tattoos, and a huge dick. J can be dress ugly and still be handsome at the same time. When J shows up to a party, it's epic. All the ladies want him. J could cheat on his girlfriend and she would forgive him.
by Chaz-nation January 21, 2014
j is short for joint a joint is weed roled in cigerett paper
dr dre came through with a gang of tangeray and a fat ass j fith the bubanic cronc that made me choke (i cant spell i am sooo high right now)
by will August 11, 2004
Jordan shoes
he stepped on my j's !

Nelly ft JD ft Ciara - Stepped On My J’Z
by Michantely July 10, 2008
j meaning 'junkie' as in lil jons song im a j
"im a j.im a j,all i do is smoke weed all day"
"im a j.im a j, all i do is pop pills all day"
by dave87 October 20, 2007
1. A joint. obvious.
2. a Junkie. (the real definition most of the time.
ex. TI "Getting head from a J" 24's
ex 2. TI "I got the hard for the J" Dope Boys
ex 3. JR Money - My phone ringing cause i am the hook for the J"
by Andy Wang May 11, 2007

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