The most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen. She has gorgeous hair and a stunning body. She is the nicest person you could ever meet and no one thinks badly of her because everyone knows she is lovely. She doesn't fall in love a lot, but when she does, she will love you with all of her heart and more. If an Izzie falls in love with you, you better not let her go because she is amazing in every conceivable way.
"Do you know Izzie?"
"Oh yeah I know her, the beautiful, sexy, amazing, gorgeous, talented, loving one?"
by Whocaresifimanonymous April 25, 2013
A kind and independent young woman, she is shy but when you get to know her she is coo coo for coconuts.
"Man, I wish I was izzie, that girl is crazy!"
by Coocooforcoco January 24, 2016
A stupid cunt, who's rude, but funny
I don't like izzie
Me either, but she's funny
by happy 1562 January 15, 2015
An annoying girl who acts cute and dumb but is in reality manipulative and highly untrustworthy. Usually an attention seeking person who craves the spotlight and is prepared to lie and deceive her way to it. Enjoys deception and conflict if it means more attention is focused on her and she gets to play the victim.
'She told everyone my secret, such an Izzie.'
'She sent herself a valentines card, what an Izzie thing to do'
by Angel13 October 26, 2011
the situation of constantly placing your body parts into various types of feces, mostly by accident.
Oh god, I just did an Izzie.
by mcintosser:p June 03, 2009
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