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Australian slang. Used to start a sentence or express happiness, surprise, admiration or pleasure. Can also be written or pronounced "hizole."
Izole, I'm headin' out yarrabah way.

Izole! That was a pretty chay backflip!

Izole! I wasn't expecting to see you tonight!

Izole, did you see him skull that JD? What a chay cunt!
by Auxen October 08, 2012
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Aussie slang, also known as isole, izolee and other variations. Most of the time means "yeah boyyy" but mainly used to express happiness. Sometimes used as thanking.
"Bought you some donuts mate."
"Izole brah"

"Izoleeee that was the maddest backflip"

"Lets go get a feed".
"Yessss Izole brah".
by Calb November 11, 2013
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