Definition: overweight

Synonyms: beefy, big, blimp, bovine, brawny, broad, bulging, bulky, bull, burly, butterball, chunky, corpulent, distended, dumpy, elephantine, fleshy, gargantuan, gross, heavy, heavyset, hefty, husky, inflated, jelly-belly, lard, large, meaty, obese, oversize, paunchy, plump, plumpish, ponderous, porcine, portly, potbellied, pudgy, roly-poly, rotund, solid, stout, swollen, thickset, weighty, whalelike
Person #1: Izi is so whalelike!

Person #2: I know she's so blimp!
by iziinteffalyte December 07, 2010
Top Definition
Short for "easy". Was coined by izimagic for his nickname who is a funny, talented French-Spanish Street Performer
His performance is izi, it means that it is for everybody
by smilingsun August 05, 2008
Shortened term of Isabel.
Izi is such a babe, everyone loves her even though she is often ginger. Everyone wants a bit of the Izi at parties, despite her being ridiculously drunk and usually showing her poonanaaa.

Often referred to as 'Injury' or 'Jizzy'
1. Izi: HI GUYS!
Everyone: Izi your a babe.

2. Izi & Emily: Howaya doin?
American Skiiers: Good, thanks, you?
Izi & Emily: We're fanplastic!
by emilaaay. February 01, 2010
Slang term used to shorten is it?
used by many teenagers and is usually a rhetorical question because they dont expect you to answer.
"omg i hate you your a bitch"

"just shut up izi?"
by art_051 September 05, 2008
a poor excuse for a human being, this IZI is a waste of space on our planet. Known better as a dumb ass zyngee, an IZI is unable to perform in any situation. Unable to speak english properly and unable to satisfy a woman (hung like a baby carrot) the IZI tries to be a member of normal society only to realize the sad truth that the IZI sucks and has no place around us Super fantastical beings.
MAN that IZI just threw up in my car while the window was open, thats fucking dumb
by theallpowerfull February 12, 2011
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