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"A Female with a loose Trouser-String" (Hindustani, Urdu). Widespread in the eastern Irano-Semitic world &
South Asia, this term connotes a woman of loose morals. Thus, "izar-band ki dhili in Urdu simply means 'a woman of
easy virtue'." ('Tying & Untying the Trouser-Cord: Dimensions of Normativity, Morality, & Emotion in Pakistani Body Behaviour'. J.W.Frembgen, The Asia Pacific J. of Anthro., Vol.5, No.1, Apr.2004, p.49-70: p.60). Further, a Protestant-British observer notes, "...'laxity in the trouser-string' is equivalent to the loosest conduct."("Arabian Nights", Richard Burton, Benares: Kama-Shastra Society, 1885, vol.1, p.222-3, ftn.2). Literally, this term refers to the practise of promiscuous women tying the izar-band in simple, loose loops instead of in elaborate, entangled knots. Thus, they can quickly pull down their typically skin-tight Shalwar Qameezes to engage in intercourse with a yaar (lover).
Corresponding terms exist in almost all Islamicate languages. Thus we have the Arabic "mejhool-el-izarbund": "Apart from sehhaukeh, various crude and euphemistic titles were granted female inversion, among them, mejhool-el-izarbund (laxity of the trouser-string) & lisaun-fee-gubb (tongue-in-bush, cunnilingus)." ("The jewel in the lotus: A historical survey of the sexual culture of the East" by Allen Edwardes, New York: Julian Press, 1959, p.255, cited in "Islamic homosexualities" by Stephen O.Murray & Will Roscoe, New York: NYU Press, 1997, p.98)
1. Wasim: I like that Orat (woman) wearing that tight Shalwar Qameez! I'd love to lick her nice big Gumbad
(buttocks)! You think i have a chance with her ?
Feroz: Of course, she is Shehnaz, a well-known Izar-band qi Dhili.
2. Q: Why is Sheikh Chilli's Bibi such an Izar-band qi Dhili ?
A: Because of the small size of his penis - after all, he's called Sheikh Chilli because he has a puny Chilli-Lund!" - Sheikh Chilli Joke.
3. Caliph Akbar: Moollah Do-Pyaza has been away on pilgrimage for a fortnight now, and his Bibi has brought home a different Yaar (lover) each night!
Anarkali: The Mullani is such an Izar-band qi Dhili!
4. "Laxity of morals in a woman, as already mentioned, is denoted by the metaphor of the loose girdle (izarband ki
dhili), while of a profligate man it is said that he keeps laying his hands on women's trouser-strings (izar-band par hath dalna)" ( "Costumes of India and Pakistan: a historical and cultural study." Shiv Nath Dar, Bombay: D. B. Taraporevala Sons, 1969, p.143)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 13, 2010
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