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One who can't hold his/her liquor, gets aggressive when drunk, and blacks out very easily like a little high school girl.

Also associated with someone who thinks they know everything and will argue day and night about the most meaningless of subjects just to prove that because he/she is an engineering major, he/she is better than everyone else.

Could also be associated with a skinny twig of a person who has no concept of lifting weights or working out other than doing some light cardio once a month (if that) and thinks anyone who lifts weights is a deuchbag and they are practicing in unnecessary activities because they are doing so. Because he/she is such a small and vulnerable person, he is easily rapeable and quite frequently takes dick and and dick-shaped objects in the ass and in and around the mouth.
Dude, you were acting like such an Iwannasuck last night when you blacked out after two beers.

Alright, Mr. Iwannasuck, we get it, you know everything.

I don't wanna look like an Iwannasuck so I'll be at the gym.
by gettindome1 September 24, 2013
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