tight fisted bastard who has no business sense
"that ivor's a robbing twat"
by dazza July 03, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who gets stressed over his name being said wrong.
"Hello Ee-vor"
by Eeeegor August 19, 2003
1. Name meaning: 'Archer's' Bow in English and 'Warrior' from the Old Norse.
2. Commonly used in puerile name-jokes to denote possession of something, which is marmite to the person with the actual name (i.e. loves it or hates it).
1. Judith: Hiya Ivor.
2. Young school chap: Ivor Biggun! hehehehehe
by Rebecca Rocker October 28, 2007
a rare animal that eats garbage also likes to have sex with monkey and smells like shit.
I saw an Ivor scaving my garbage cans late one night
by Rajjy January 21, 2008
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