Ivers the term you can use on someone who`s braggin constantly about the greatness of he`s/her`s computer, and constantly trying to be better, if your computer is better.
"My computer is so good now! I overclocked it to 2.5ghz, and your`s is on 2.47 isnt it?"
"You`re such an ivers!"
by Theexaltedone June 03, 2003
Top Definition
The synonym of handsome.

It's probably the most sexy thing you can come across.

If you know an Iver, you're fucking blessed.
Wow! look at that sexy thing! He must be an Iver!
That guy might be an Anders, but he's Iver.
by såperonk February 03, 2011
Norwegian for "archer" or American for "queer".
"Iver, get your shit together"
"Jeff, stop being an Iver'
"The Iver was eyeing Jeff's package. Jeff reciprocated the flirtatious move."
by k-lux May 13, 2006
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