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Boxer in Rocky IV played by Dolph Lundgren. Captain in the Red army from The Soviet Union, was the ametuer champion. Credited for killing Apollo Creed within 2 rounds. Used Steriods and high tech work out equipment. 6'3 223lbs {don't quote me on that}, Got the shit knocked out of him in a 15 round fight with Rocky Balboa, prolly got shot afterward for being such a disgrace to his country.
"you will lose"- Drago to Apollo before the match

"I cannot be defeated, I defeat all man, soon i defeat real champion, IF HE DIES, HE DIES"- After the match

"I must break you"- Before the match with rocky
by Schreiberdeutsch April 08, 2005
An alcoholic beverage. Similar in every way to a White Russian except for size. An Ivan Drago is an ex-large White Russian (ala Rocky IV), especially good for breakfast after a hard night of drinking.
Kortnie: Gavin, you look like hell this morning. Do you want a bloody mary?

Gavin: Hells no, Bitch! Bring me an Ivan Drago!
by Twaddle April 19, 2009