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Absolutely amazing metalcore band from Buffalo NY. Some of their songs include: Sentiments of You, Deprevity Waltz, A Threnody For Modern Romance..etc

If you like metalcore this is the band to listen too
I slam danced my fucking brains out when It Dies Today played A Threnody For Modern Romance live.
by Geoff January 13, 2005
a Has been Metalcore band

They have an absolutely amazing Metalcore CD called "The Caitliff Choir" Probably one of the best Metalcore CD's ever made. However, after loosing thie lead singer, and replacing him with a newbie, they lost all cred. Thier new CD "Sirens" is trash... i bought it cause i loved the first CD, then threw it out.... one of the best bands i had ever heard... went to shit with just one CD... so much potential!! get ur other singer back!!!
kid 1 " It dies today is soo fucking dope! "

kid 2 " yeah but the new CD is garbage "

kid 1 " tru enough, but Caitliff is good enough to listen to 100 times over!! "

Kid 2 " i think ill just listen to bleeding through instead... they still rock"
by blackie007 August 18, 2007

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