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Made some of the greatest cars and trucks of the time, then GM got their grubby little hands on them and it became cheap, rebadged SUVs.
Isuzu Impulses are of the hizzy my nizzy
by Sean Smith November 13, 2004
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A Japanese car company (more of a truck company, actually) that's been selling stuff in America since 1971. All their early stuff was branded as Chevys and Buicks; Isuzu didn't start using its own name until 1981.

Made semi-decent cars like the I-Mark, Stylus, and Impulse (better known as the Chevy Spectrum and Geo Storm), trucks like the P'up, and SUVs like the Trooper, Rodeo, Amigo, Axiom, and VehiCROSS. Occasionally sold stray clones like the Hombre (Chevy S-10) and Oasis (Honda Odyssey).

Isuzu as we know it died in 2004, the point when its own products vanished and the company was reduced to selling copies of the Chevy TrailBlazer (Isuzu Ascender) and Chevy Colorado (Isuzu i-series), two of the biggest pieces of crap on the market. This torturous product starvation, plus the sudden consumer realization that SUVs are for retards, eventually caught up with Isuzu, which will pack up and leave America in January 2009.
Isuzu's gone, but oh well, we've still got Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Suzuki.
by CrunchyCookie July 13, 2008
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Isuzu is made by GM, you idiot
Buy American my ass. I'm going to drive imports till I die.
by chadwick July 10, 2003
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An old man's butt hair, or a large elephant's butt hair.
That person over there resembles an Isuzu I once sighted in Burma.
by nobodyci August 13, 2005
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