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A very tall model-like boy who loves to drink and get wasted with his friends. When drunk he occasionally messes around with both guys and girls, but never remembers the next morning.
"Have you seen the new kid Istvan?"
"Yeah! He's totally hott, but why was he making out with both Hayley and Mark last night?"
Yeah Istvan is such a player!
by Lay-Lay November 23, 2008
One of the most common given names in Hungarian. It's István, properly spelled, with an accented a, not Istvan. It's pronounced 'Eesh-t-one', but with a short vowel at the beginning.

However, in Hungarian slang terms it means someone who is desperately trying to repress his flamingly visible gayness.
- Hey, look at that dude, he's installing Windows 7 on his Mac Mini!
- Oh, come on, he can't be like, an Istvan!
by Bugyibuci September 09, 2011
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