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Shelter for massive amounts of convertible sofas and unlicensed immigrants, it is where an underground brothel is located. Entranced to the the secret brothel otherwise known as "Chicita Perapicosa" can be located by finding the the leprechaun hidden in one of the couches, fighting him to the death for the sacred screw driver, and follow the magical amigo "Trinny" to the entrance where you will face a herd of angry, cheap, loud, and rood customers. They will beg and plead and even nag to give you a better a price even if you already depreciated the price down to the extent that you are actually giving them money to buy something, landing the price into the negative numbers. If you are able to resist there nagging you will excel to the door and will the have to dissemble the door to the brothel and you are in...but always remember

A)-"Hey man did you check out my sweet couch".
B)-"Hey, that is no couch, that is an Istikbal Click Clack"
by Bizmarké August 06, 2009
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