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The Island Independents are a political party on the Isle of Wight, which is a small island off the south coast of England famous for inbreeding and Queen Victoria having had a holiday home there.

They are the ruling group of independent councillors, which in itself is a contradiction in terms and that's where the trouble starts.

Known locally as 'the Island crows', 'the crows', 'they crows' or just 'crows'
Example of usage

Island resident:
Those darn Island Independents oi cant believe any bugger voted for em, they're worse than the last lot

Island resident's cousin:
Oi cant vote for no bugger cause oi cant read nor write

Island resident:
You don't need no read 'n writin cousin jus draws yerself an X

Island resident's cousin:
Well I wont be drawing no bloody X for they maggotty crows my lover.
by Shrauver October 21, 2013
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