The Religion that follows history's greatest pedophile, Chris Hansen would be happy to catch this one!

Mohammed aged 51 was with his favorite child-bride Aisha 6

"Mohammed would take a bath with the little girl and fondle her."
(Bukhari 6:298)

"Mohammed deflowered pre-pubescent Aisha when he was 54 and she was 9"
(Bukhari 7:62.88)

"In Islam, rape, marriage, and divorce of pre-pubescent children is allowed"
(Koran 65:4)

"Muslims, in fact, Allah himself, considered Mohammed to be the ideal man"
(Koran 68:4, 33:21)
"Islam is a religion for pedofiles"

"No, it's good"

"Who's your ideal man again?"
QUOTE: "Islam is the arabs's version of Christianity. The arabs did not have a religion in the 6th century so they decided they should have their own because they did not like the fact that the Jews had their religion and the Christians had theirs and they had none and that was very humiliating for them.
So they invented their own religion mainly by copying bits and pieces from Judaism and Christianity and then called it Islam. Then they made up pieces as they went along over the years and voila instant religion! Now the followers of Islam get very touchy about their religion and they go around trying to convince the world that they are very nice people by showing lots of pictures of children and girls in Islamic dress and when they can, they kill anyone that does not believe them.
Allah does not exist, he was invented by deluded desert people of Arabia and Mohamed was not a prophet. And Islam is the biggest hoax pulled on humanity that has gotten more people to suffer and be killed than the devil ever could."
Well, no actually, Arabs did have a religion, infact many. Most of these were religions of idol worship. And again get it right, you can get Arab Christians and Arab Jews. And again, so wrong, where was Jesus from? PALESTINE!? Who are Palestinians? ARABS! Figure out the rest for yourself. Wake up and be honest. LET the world be a better place instead of spreading bull sh*t.

Idol worship

("Let's go lie about a religion, mmm, which religon, Christianity? No, did that last week, Hinduism? leave that for later... AHAH! ISLAM! Now lets go spread some crap that just isn;t true at all.")
by HonestAthiest March 12, 2009
As a practicing Muslim, some of these definitions are really hurtful. Let's get a few things straight. First of all, it is against Sharia (Islamic law) to force others to convert to Islam, to kill someone because they do not follow Islam, or to commit suicide. In fact, most of the terrorists you hear of today are NOT Muslims, even if they may call themselves Muslims. Islam is actually a peaceful religion, based on the learnings of a man who married a non-Muslim. If what some people here said is true, he would have had to kill his own wife. And for the information of some ignorant people, the only reason blood was shed during the initial spread of Islam from Medina was because people attacked Muhammad and his followers. And if you say that Islam cannot be true because it is absurd, then I say look it up. It is no more absurd than Judaism or Buddhism, and certainly less absurd than Christianity. So, I hope that some people who read this will understand that Islam is NOT equal to terrorism, and is a religion that can be respected and has followers with feelings. And if you are too narrow minded to realize this, then, !أنصرف معك!
Jim: Islam sucks. All its followers are violent extremists.
me: Do you know anything about Islam? What makes you say that?
Jim: ...
by Muslimkid997 May 29, 2010
Some one who belives in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. They believe in the One True God, Which they call Allah.
Peter: I am reading about Islam, perhaps converting.

Jack: Okay, enjoy.
by John Smith winkel March 01, 2010
the religion of faith humanity peace and freedom
i have known the aim of my presence since i become a MUSLIM (member of the world of ISLAM and that is why i live happy life
by the light of candels February 03, 2010
a peaceful religion that loves everyone and it is a complete way of life
the best religion in the world is islam
by Tasnim Pablow And A-H March 13, 2010
Derived from arabic roots meaning 'peace' and 'submission to God'. Those who follow islam and submit to God (known on arabic as Allah) are known as muslims (note the small 'm').

Someone who calls themselves a Muslim (big 'M') may or may not follow Islam in the same way that someone who calls themselves a Christian may or maynot follow the teachings of Christ.

Followers of islam take their guidance from the Qu'ran which is believed to be the word of God and also from hadith - which are trusted stories about the guidance that one of the prophets (Muhammed) gave.

This is like Christians taking guidance from the gospels - stories about what Jesus (another prophet in Islam) taught.

You cannot be a muslim if you don't believe in all the prophets God sent including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and many others (25 are named in the Quran but we are told there were thousends).

Muslims have lived peacefully in the UK for centuries. An 8th century anglo-saxon kings produced coins in the declaring in arabic 'there is none worthy of worship but God' (the islamic declararion of faith). The first English translation of the Qu'ran was written in 1649 and the office of national statistics records a Mosque in cardiff in 1860.
related words:
Islamic is something relating to Islam.

Islamist is a made up word that muslims never use. It implies a radical form of behaviour that deviates from the teachings of Islam and is used when the media and politicians want to say islamic-terrorist and think that us mere mortals will be fooled by their clever twist of language.
by T March 27, 2005
A religion created by Muhammad 1400 years ago. Muhammad is a prophet of Islam, although many people say that Adam was the first prophet. Last of the three Abrahamic faiths. Means "submission" in Arabic.

Currently undergoing a period of media scrutiny and is being ravaged by terrorists, extremists and Islam haters.

The Quran is the holy text, while the Hadith is the collection of saying from Muhammad and close friends.
Islam is a good religion, however it must undergo a reform and Muslims must learn to be tolerant of other cultures, religions, beliefs and ways of life of other people. Islam does not always have a good record when it comes to this, and Muslims often do not live in harmony with different people. Take current examples of Philippines, Thailand, Iraq, Pakistan and Africa for example.

We are seeing a new wave of reformist Muslims coming along in Islam. Hopefully this will be the change we need to secure a more peaceful world.
by Obamaistheman643 September 30, 2009

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