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A girl shrouded with so much wonder. Just from looking at her you will want to know everything about her. She not like most girls she will want you to work hard not only for her but to be successful. She will care just as much about your future as she does for her own. The girl if you ever fall in love with you hope you don't lose.
Nick: How are things going with that girl
Tristen: Ishrat is all I need
by Hexedfallen March 02, 2016
The girl you never give up on. You will try again and again because you know that once you lose her you will never find a girl like her again. If you do lose her there will be this void in your heart only she can fill.
Bob: Who is that girl over there I think I'm in love!
Joe: Oh, man thats Ishrat forget about it she's out of your league.
by Hexedfallen March 02, 2016
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