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A term derived from “Ishikawa Diagram” & “Kobayashi Maru” …. Defined as a term used by “Engineers” as well as other “Technical Professionals” to describe something that looked really good ON PAPER but FLOPPED BADLY in implementation &/or practice. Also a saying to describe a leadership or professional decision that crashed & burned.
Senior Manager #1- “How did the new hire do on his first day at work? He looked GREAT in his interview!”

Senior Manager #2- “Ishikawa Maru! …. A real FUBAR!!!”

One could ALSO SAY that the "Stand Your Ground" law (as written) is yet ANOTHER FINE EXAMPLE of a "Ishikawa Maru", in that it's aloud several know drug dealers as well as other well-known Florida State Criminals to commit murder, yet walk away from prosecution OR EVEN arrest by simply claiming "Self-Defense".
by Tyson D. Knine May 08, 2012
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