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Arguably the best name in the world; a smoking hot, hella sexy, and super genius girl. the best talker and listener out there. the best girlfriend. the most beautiful thing you can ever lay eyes on.
I wish I had an Ishana...
Your girlfriend is such an Ishana! She's gorgeous and amazing!
by YourMotherIsAHomosexual April 26, 2011
It is used to define a girl who's extremely beautiful. She's hot, cute, gorgeous, pretty, sexy, smart and attractive. When she enters a room, the people in it can't stop staring. She's often referred to as 'Iron man 3' by some people. She's one hell of a best friend and is someone who one would never want to lose. Her best friends mean the world to her and she stands by them no matter what.

Meaning of name : Goddess Durga, The Female energy.

She stands true to the meaning of her name. She's quite short tempered. But when she's in a good mood, she's the most loving, caring and fun-filled person ever. She loves playing pranks all the time. She's is quite sensitive and always thanks you if you do anything nice for her. Even if you are her best friend.

Her facial features are amazing, flawless and perfect. she tends to have beautiful, i-can't-stop-looking-into-them eyes, a perfect nose, perfect, soft cheeks, a dimpled chin, a small mouth with beautifully carved lips. As a person too she is perfect. She's one of the most wonderful and beautiful living beings in existence. Once she becomes your best friend and once you fall in love with her(you eventually will) she becomes the most important and beautiful part of your life.
Dude 1 : *stares at a girl in the classroom* Whoa. duuuude... who's that girl?

Dude 2 : She's an Ishana.

Dude 1 : No wonder *continues to stare*
by youdontknowmeyet June 10, 2011
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