Funny, boy-crazy, very weird girl. Lots of laughs, can be sneaky and deceitful. Lies when she needs to, and laughs when she's not supposed to. A great friend, boy-CRAY CRAY. Honestly. Izzy is the greatest girl EVER.
"Isabella likes a new guy again."

"I know. The fifth one this week."
by g.g.g. March 26, 2013
Pretty,smart,love-able. She will make u love her in a instant. She is the best girl u can ever meet. Shes very loving and caring. But also can laugh at the wrong times. She is always happy noything can stop her from being her.
Omg! Is tht Isabella?!? I have a super big crush on her!
by collosuscraft February 25, 2015
Isabella had long blonde hair.She can be very silly and very serious.She's the most down-hearted person you will ever meet. She changes your life for the better and makes you a better person the more you are with her.
Holly: "She's beautiful"

Lizzy:" That's because she's Isabella "
by baby_boo177 December 22, 2014
Isabella- is loud, and funny, rude to teachers/adults-but they just can’t seem to tell her of, always laughing and is very confident. Pretty. And competitive. Is sarcastic and if she doesn’t like someone there life will be hell, she’s very chilled and relaxed with work at school but usually passes anyway, usually plays netball vey tanned with blonde hair. loves blonde hair on guys.
teacher- "isabella sit outside of this classroom your to loud" isabella- " whyyyyyyyyyy dooooo i havvve tooooo, ill be good "
Teacher " oh fine"
by star123456789101123 December 18, 2011
a pretty girl that loves a justin but that justin doesnt love her. very smart and pretty and every boy knows he loves her but cant admit it
isabella is smart
by thereadyset1 March 19, 2011
The most amazing and funniest girl on the planet. :) Loves King Of The Hill, YouTube poop, Spongebob and pretty much everything freaking hilarious. <3
Has a strong disliking to Jeffree Star usually and scene kids.
Loves Nutella, bean paste buns, thrifting and Sprite.
Isabella: Once in the fifth grade I pooped behind the couch while my mom was sleeping on it.

Isabella: HOY!

Isabella: Does this look unsure to you?
by Maaaaaaaaaadddieee July 05, 2011
The name of a little bitch who is completely rude and will say anything. No matter what it will do to someone, she always has to say what's on her mind and has a big mouth for a little girl, and it can get pretty annoying....
"I can't believe what Isabella said!"

" I know can you believe she would say something like that to her mother!"

"It's Bella! What do you expect? She always has to say whats on her mind!"
by pescegirl2 June 19, 2014
A girl that has a big horse mouth, but is completely beautiful. Never has an awkward moment and will be there for you for forever! has an obnoxious laugh so you cant help but to join in with her.. ohh yeah she hates retards too.
dammn look at that isabella!
by god FUCK April 30, 2011

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