Funny, boy-crazy, very weird girl. Lots of laughs, can be sneaky and deceitful. Lies when she needs to, and laughs when she's not supposed to. A great friend, boy-CRAY CRAY. Honestly. Izzy is the greatest girl EVER.
"Isabella likes a new guy again."

"I know. The fifth one this week."
by g.g.g. March 26, 2013
The most amazing girl you could ever meet. Always there too encourage you through tough times, a true friend who puts others before herself, stunning and beautiful, everyone loves her
whos that girl? Isabella
by awkward.pineapples January 23, 2011
School-girl by day. Stripper by night.
-Amazing chick. She is super sensitive, but has a kind heart. She gets hurt often, by both love, and friendship. She goes through hard times, and cries when she needs to. The more she cries, the better she feels. She's beautiful, and hilarious! She is usually really happy.-
I love that chick, she's SOOO funny!

Me too! Her name's Isabella right?

Yeah, I think so.
by Treeleaff July 18, 2010
Isabella is someone who is a swan dood, or very swan.
She is amazing, nice, sweet, and gourgeous.

Isabella's can be crazy,yet smart at the same time.
She is very clever and is a friendly person dood.
Man, did you hear what that Isabella said to that random guy on the street?! She is SO swan!
by swand00d722 October 03, 2011
Super sexy and hot girl with a charming personality. When you're having a bad day she will always be there for you and turn your frown into a smile. A good friend, loyal, kind-hearted, humorous girl. She is beautiful inside and out. She dates the best boys and whoever dates her just remember that you are probably the luckiest man on Earth. She is also very smart and learns quickly. She gets the best grades at school and has never failed anything. She listens to good music and reads books. Every boy in school has a crush on her. When you meet her at first she is shy, but when you really get to know her she is very outgoing. Isabella is the greatest person you will ever meet. And you will not regret it!
Josh: Hey, have you met Isabella?

Andrew: Nope.
Josh: You gotta meet her. She is the hottest, kindest, girl who isn't very dramatic like anyone else. She also has a great sense of humor.
Andrew: Whew, I gotta meet her. She sounds AMAZING.
by xlouisea June 26, 2013
Isabella is the type of person who makes you feel special when she laughs at your jokes. She is thoughtful and funny. Isabella is one of the strongest girls I know. I love her very much.
Is that super woman?

No,-It's Isabella.
by GLEN COCOooooo December 29, 2012
A very hot girl who is always looking for trouble. very attractive and has a very hot body, likes to play sports and she excersizes alot. A rebelius beauty who can also be sweet.Alittle tomboyish but catches the eyes of every guy who looks at her. Has trouble with grades but is very smart. She is very shy when it comes to meeting new people but those who know her well know shes a hell of a partyer. Shes fun to be around and a great girlfriend, you wont wanna leave her side. She doesnt care what others think of her and shes always herself.
that is obviously an isabella
by loverboy123451 November 27, 2011
Isabella is a very sweet and caring girl. She can usually cheer everyone up and is nice to everybody. Just don't get on her bad side casue then she will turn evil on you.
Woah did u just see Isabella? She's such a nice person!

OMG, Isabella just totally flipped me off!
by FriendlyDuckies December 19, 2012
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