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1. Lead man of the band Modest Mouse
2. Genius
3. Singer/Song Writer
4. Fucking coolest man in the coolest band
I went to a Modest Mouse show, and Isaac Brock totally rocked my socks.
by TheJustinGMan August 23, 2004
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1. Frontman of Modest Mouse and Ugly Cassnova
2. A poetic genious
3. A survivor of a rough child hood(he lived in a 4x5 shack outside of his uncle's trailer while his mother slept with the uncle inside for months)
4. He is a notorious for being violent and a dick towards fans
5. Buddha himself would give him an award
6. Used to describe a creative hipster or genious
1. Isaac Brock has a powerful voice

2. Very few poets would amount to Isaac Brock

3. Boy: My life sucks. I live in a two bedroom apartment with my brother

Girl: Isaac Brock had it worse than you bitch

4. Dude: I went to see Isaac Brock, and he nearly hit me in the face

Chick : Who cares? He is God

5. Isaac Brock should start his own religion

6. Hey have you heard of Christian Mu? He is an aspiring Isaac Brock
by Christian Mu March 02, 2008
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1. Great, existential genius of a lyricist, songwriter, and guitar player.
2. Notorious for being a huge fucking dick.
"Dude, I actually met Isaac Brock after the Modest Mouse show. What a huge dick! What's that guy's flippin' deal?!"
by a dodus. October 19, 2004
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1. Amazing and freaking beautiful beyond explanation.
2. Modest Mouse lead singer and guitarist.
3. Every sane girl's secret desire.
You were the people that I wanted to know, and you were the places I wanted to go, ISAAC BROCK WE LOVE YOU!
by Fricktacular April 27, 2008
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The coolest man alive. Talented songwriter/guitarist/ukulele player/banjoist/singer. He mainly writes Alternative Rock, and he plays with Modest Mouse, Which consists of him, Eric Judy (basist), Jeremiah Green (Drummer) and someone else who plays the guita. He wrote one of the best albums ever, Good News For the People Who Love Bad News.
His music is probably the best ever next to he Beatles. Oh yeah, and he's a dick.
"I just went to see Isaac Brock play Good News For the People Who Love Bad News! And he took me backstage!"
"Cool, what did he do with you backstage?"
"He slapped me, because I screamed to loud when I saw him...."
by brucedamoose May 12, 2010
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A really big, cheeseburger eating motherfucker.
Did you see that dude Isaac Brock? Gawddamn he is a fat fucker.
by the groom February 10, 2005
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