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A universal question used worldwide for any situation imaginable.
(Math Class)

Teacher: Okay class if "x" equals 3 then what does "3 x" equal?
Student 1: Is it 6?
Teacher: No GTFO!
Student 2: Is it Batman?
Teacher: Why..yes...yes it is.

"Meeting of Worlds Greatest Minds"

Head Scientist: Gentlemen and women we are her today to find the scientific way to solve all the world's problems. Any Ideas?
Scientist 1: An undiscovered metal?
Head Scientist: No GTFO?
Hot Scientist Woman: What about an undiscovered metal?
Head Scientist: Well that indeed may be a possibility. See me afterwards and we'll compare notes and such at my place.
Awesome Scientist: Is it Batman?
Head Scientist: GTF-(catches himself to do calcultions)- My God this man is right!!! It indeed IS Batman!!!
by Giothermal May 15, 2011
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