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1. A salient point of something, despite the retarded, stupid and ridiculous nature of said thing.

2. An ironic juxtaposition of something retardulous or ridonkulous

An antonym of retardulous used by people who want to sound more educated than they actually are: The same people who use irregardless in sentences.
Irretardulous of all the dumbass things George W. Bush said, he is still basically just evil, maybe it's a smokescreen...


That himbo model dude is so freakin hot, irretardulous of what he says.


Possible reaction of Newscaster to the infamous Miss South Carolina speech....

Newscaster: *blink, blink*...ok... well irretardulous of all that, let's just move on to the bikini competition.
by irretardulous January 18, 2012
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