An extremely funny word coined by a t-shirt company. According to statistics, 92% of readers burst into uncontrollable laughter upon reading it and subsequently purchased the shirt.
"Anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant!"

- The original shirt's slogan

"Yo, man! Let's go to the elephant exhibit! This shit right 'ere is irrelephant! ROFL GET IT"
"Oh, shut the hell up.."
- Two friends at the zoo
by StereotypicalBlackRappaUpInEre September 10, 2010
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Anything that is unrelated to an elephant.
-"Where did you get those sweet shoelaces?"
-"Irrelephant! More importantly, an African elephant has bigger ears than an Indian elephant."
by NickMcQ January 30, 2010
A word meaning "anything unrelated to elephants" that is only widely used because a gorgeous woman with a perfect body modeled a shirt from Snorg Tees with the word and its meaning on it.
Aww, man, it's that Snorg Tees ad with that hot girl in the "irrelephant" shirt! I would BREAK that woman.
by I Like Words May 09, 2013
Something that is so HUGELY irrelevant, it doesn't matter at all.
Tori: How did your date with Carlos go on Friday? Did you two get it on?
Kaitlin: He drives a red Audi.
Tori: Completely irrelephant.
by Redlemur July 11, 2014
A mystical being of the fey or faerie genus, traditionally associated with the Unseemly court.

It's habitat is the mental tundra of the truely bemused, and downright incorrect.

The diet of this increasingly common beast is Ketamine and extremeist right wing thought.
"The irrelephant of surprise" - The most common of the family.
"What you have said is just downright irrelephant"
"You trumpet the truth of irrelephant blues"
by Andrew Coomber May 20, 2008
An elephant that doesn't matter.
Elephant number 42 out of a herd of 359 doesn't really matter, and is technically known as an "irrelephant"
by guy254356 March 22, 2005
Irrelephant: A fat(or otherwise aesthetically strange person) who associates with a common group of friends or acquaintances and makes conversation awkward by telling stories or making jokes that are not at all humorous or related to the present situation.
Yeah, so me, Kyle and, Andy were having a great time untill that Irrelephant, Tim, showed up and started telling us about the time when he got stung by a bee at Summer camp.
by Nate5583 July 15, 2010
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