The process of being beaten to death with an iron for misusing the word 'irony'
A: I heard Bob beat John to death for misusing the word 'irony'.
B: Ah, the irony.
by TrollfaceLawl October 30, 2010
anything to do with Karli and/or Cassie's life
The irony behind Florida and South Carolina is incredible.
by cassandrraa April 10, 2010
a scathing feminist who raises a son to be a skirt chasing jock who has no regard for feminism.
Bonnie was such a feminazi in college! but look how her son turned out- he is the anti-feminist! talk about irony!
by wench lover November 02, 2011
A statement which in itself is self-contradictiory
Irony: When an atheist says he doesn't believe in coincidences.
by TheEasyWay March 19, 2009
expeting something normal when there is no such thing
The Definition of IRONY is "Singing and Danceing on a plane to a song that was made famous by a band that died in a plane crash"
by Steven .A. Davis October 17, 2008
a gay republican catholic boy.
The irony of that boy being gay, republican, and catholic. That isn't a mix you hear of that often.
by jwilliams07 May 20, 2008
It means the same thing as the conventional term, but when said in this manner, it is used as a reference to Family Guy: The Movie when Stewie's future self accidentally burns down his apartment with his stress-reducing candles.
(Fireman 1): Hey, did you hear how that guy burned down his apartment? Stress-reducing candles!
(Fireman 2): Ha-ha! I-rony!

(College Student 1): Dude, I stayed up all night getting that paper done, then I wound up sleeping through class.
(College Student 2): I-rony!

(Roommate 1): Hey, I picked up some dinner. What movie do you wanna watch?
(Roommate 2): I was thinking Super Size Me. What food did you get?
(Roommate 1): Uh, I picked up some Mickey Dee's. I was gonna eat while we watched. I got stuff to do.
(Roommate 2): I-rony!
by Lock Down April 12, 2008

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