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Something directly contradicting the expected outcome or situation.
Oh teh irony when someone is getting a tattoo saying "Pain is just weakness leaving the body" and has to end the session early because it hurts oh oh so much. Baww!
by monoglutamate February 29, 2008
A difference between what you expect to happen, and what actually happens.
A catholic person saying "I'll believe it when I see it" shows such irony.
by shadowpaladin July 08, 2014
a scathing feminist who raises a son to be a skirt chasing jock who has no regard for feminism.
Bonnie was such a feminazi in college! but look how her son turned out- he is the anti-feminist! talk about irony!
by wench lover November 02, 2011
Something that is opposite to the literal meaning.
I cut my finger on a packet of painkillers. Oh the irony.
by Hanargh3800 June 16, 2011
The process of being beaten to death with an iron for misusing the word 'irony'
A: I heard Bob beat John to death for misusing the word 'irony'.
B: Ah, the irony.
by TrollfaceLawl October 30, 2010
When something is both unexpected and fitting simultaneously. While most definitions simply say irony is something unexpected, no definitions ever state that there's a certain element to irony that catches your eye nine times out of ten.
Irony: When someone creates an organization that fights for the right to die with honor, then kills himself.
by Kwing August 06, 2010
It means the same thing as the conventional term, but when said in this manner, it is used as a reference to Family Guy: The Movie when Stewie's future self accidentally burns down his apartment with his stress-reducing candles.
(Fireman 1): Hey, did you hear how that guy burned down his apartment? Stress-reducing candles!
(Fireman 2): Ha-ha! I-rony!

(College Student 1): Dude, I stayed up all night getting that paper done, then I wound up sleeping through class.
(College Student 2): I-rony!

(Roommate 1): Hey, I picked up some dinner. What movie do you wanna watch?
(Roommate 2): I was thinking Super Size Me. What food did you get?
(Roommate 1): Uh, I picked up some Mickey Dee's. I was gonna eat while we watched. I got stuff to do.
(Roommate 2): I-rony!
by Lock Down April 12, 2008