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sending any living being-straight to hell, with extreme prejudice in other terms inducing the wrath of god!
a"mike ironside, i hear he sleeps with the fishes.

b"thats bullshit, asswipe"
a"he's a formerly retired priest, living with
his pet lhama in downtown detroit"
b"no shit"
by Phil Anthropy October 14, 2008
1) A 1970's cop drama about a crime fighting cripple in a wheelchair.

2) An insult to hurl at arrogant cripples who think you owe them something.

See also: dalek
Cripple: Urghl! these parking spaces are for wheelchair users only! I'm speaking to security about this.
You: Fuck you Ironside!
by Baron Von Batwing January 07, 2005
Term for a cripple in a wheelchair.
Hey, look over there, Joe! It's ol' ironsides.
by Ironsidez April 30, 2011