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1. The partaking of overt acts of boganism by middle and upper-class Australians.

2. An Australian persons love of irony taken to an extreme and reflected in certain lifestyle choices in a somewhat conflicting manner, most usually to humorous effect.
a) An urban corporate executive (Andrew) discussing his car, "My love of the moment is a 1969 modded-up Holden Ute, Beryl-She is awesome!!!"

b) "Bogan" and "Kath and Kim" parties that take place in post-codes such as "3142"

c) The Working Dog's production of (The Australian version) of "Kath and Kim" was a piss-take and celebration of Boganism, but most Working Dog production members and writers would not be classifiable "bogans". Hence, they created a show with some foundations in ironic boganism.
by elle_darko November 19, 2010
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