1- DEFINATLEY the best metal band EVER shut up " iron butterfly" iron maidens in town. They carved a good road to metallica, and all that crap. they have the best guitarists and best drummer and singer. "IRON MAIDEN CANNOT BE FOUGHT" in the words of bruce dickenson.
Also see- Maiden, rock in rio

2- a badass medival torture, rather killing device which was composed of an iron shell, with strategically placed spikes inside to provide the victim with no chance of living. the door was closed. and the spikes hit all the main living parts, such as heart and brain ect.
" Rock in rio is the BEST iron maiden concert ever"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
best metal band ever. best songs are flight of icarus and murders in the rue morgue.
dave murray is an amazing guitarist
by garret July 04, 2003
One of the greatest metal bands of all time, and definately the greatest that came out of England. Only drunks, druggies and lesser morons disagree with the scientific fact that Maiden rock with the soul of the 80's.
Moron: iRoN mAiDeN sUcK.
Genius: *fires gun with perfect aim, then goes and plays the starting riff from the trooper*
by Skellyscribbles September 19, 2006
wicked metal band who ever says its not is a dumbass

best metal band ever
by iron maidens wicked February 18, 2005
A fucking great metal band. Im getting Peice of mind on vinyl soon woo, and powerslave. Mmmm vinyl. My ambition in life is to get all their albums. There best songs are probably, Children of the damned, The wicker man, Fear of the dark or the trooper.
Some lucky bastard: Did you see Iron maiden live recently?
Me: No, i wasnt allowed and i had no money dammit, and when i had money it had sold out.
Some Lucky bastard: Ahh pity there fucking great live, best metal act ever and there British, woo!
1)A british heavy metal band. Often considered the greatest of its time, it was and still is one of the most influential groups to this day. The best songs are too numerous to list here, but some of their best are 2 minutes to midnight, the Trooper, Run to the Hills, Wratchchild, and Hallowed be thy name. Currently, there are 3 guitarists in this band. Dave murray, Janick Gers, and Adrian Smith. The other members are the leader of the band and bass player, Steve Harris, vocals Bruce Dickinson, and drummer Nicko Mcbrain. After decades of being a band, the group has not slowed down and they are still making albums. They are considered legendary along with bands such as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Motorhead. MAny people underestimate this great band.

2)A medieval device of torture from the movie Man in the Iron mask i believe. It is a coffin with spikes on the inside

3)A song by the british metal group Iron Maiden
This new Iron Maiden Cd is kickass!

Dude, that sucks, he got thrown in an iron maiden.

UP THE IRONS!!! (Diehard Iron Maiden fan)

by Mr. Iron Maiden April 26, 2007
The greatest band ever to grace the universe. they are the only thing i listen to, literally. i worship them. they are my gods, monarchy and family all at once. Their songs fill me with happiness and joy. if i get the chance to hypnotise the world, im gonna make EVERYONE worship them. their best song, in my opinion, is all of them. there is no such thing as a bad iron maiden song, as a matter of fact there is nothing bad about iron maiden.
man: who is iron maiden?
me: my gods!
by iron maiden worshiper March 13, 2005

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