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Definitively, one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time, if not the best. they have achieved this position by making good, meaningful, and kickass music for over 30 years. Their greatness is undeniable.
uneducated person -iron maiden sucks
metalhead- well, do you even listen to all of their stuff?
uneducated person- no
metalhead- well then you should shut up!
by lordnyra March 19, 2007
Best Band Eva!
Hallowed be they Name!
by Slanesh March 16, 2004
Thee greatest metal band that's ever graced da planet.
I've seen Iron Maiden 2x and it was freaken awesome; it almost brought a gosh darn tear to my eye.
by =ll HaRdY ll= September 21, 2003
The most kickass metal band ever. Dispite many lineup changes, they still rock from their first album in 1980 to The Dance of death album (2003) They have inspired all 1985+ Heavy metal/death metal bands. Influenced mainly by Judas Preist their music has a style like none other. The current lineup is:
Bruce dickinson - vocals
Dave murray - guitar
Adrian smith - guitar
Janick gers - guitar
Steve harris - bassist
Nicko mcBrain - Drummer

Iron maiden have dominated the charts since they have been around. Never have maiden. Iron maiden have the best fans, best bandmembers and Sound AMAZING live.

Check out www.ironmaiden.com
Try hard iron maiden fan : I have 4 iron maiden albums.
Proper iron maiden fan : I have them all.
Up the irons
by Me October 08, 2004
What's with the impersinators? Maiden rule, Die with your boots on is the best. No need 2 keep on dissing me Gumba Gumba coz half the time it ain't even me doing the definitions.
"No point in asking what's the game, no point in asking who's to blame, If you're gonna die, die with boots on!" Iron Maiden rule.
The most awsome heavy metal band on this planet... what more can i say ..some of their greatest songs include:The number of the best , The trooper ,can i play with madness , fear of the dark , hallowed be thy name and, lord of the flies , anyone who doesn't like iron maiden is an idiot and probably a chav
Iron maiden rock , they are great if any one ever gets to go to a maiden gig you aare sooo lucky
by headbanger11 September 24, 2005
The greatest fucking metal band ever. They completely revolutionized music, pumping out hits such as "The Trooper" and "Hallowed be thy Name" which are two of their, arguably, best songs.

PS- look at this fucking faggot ass kid making tons of definitions to express his hate for a band that fucking owns the shit out of him. it's all one fucking loser kid who likes hardcore faggot shit, just spamming horrible definitions of Iron Maiden.
Iron Maiden... just fucking rules. The end.
by iron maiden IS THE SHIT November 21, 2006