Iron Maiden. What to say? Iron Maiden is the greatest metal band to have ever existed, ever, and there is no arguing. Steve Harris is a fucking genius songwriter, not to mention the most Godlike bassist who EVER LIVED. You could basically cut off his hands, and he'd still be better than Les Claypool. He's that good. Don't forget, Bruce Dickinson is the most amazing singer, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Janick Gers are the most amazing guitarists, and Nicko McBrain is the most amazing drummer to ever set foot anywhere in space. Ever.

Iron Maiden is not to be argued with, because their mascot Eddie, who is the fucking beastliest, coolest mascot EVER, will rip your head off. They are the greatest band ever, and people that like metal, but not Iron Maiden, should have their nipples ripped off and glued to their eyeballs.
Iron Maiden's best song is either "Hallowed be thy Name", "The Trooper", "Killers", or "Rime of the Ancient Mariner".

Maybe "Aces High".

Maidenhead: Iron Maiden fuckin roxorz my soxorz.
Fuckingdouche: Iron Maiden sucks.
*Maidenhead then proceeds to rip Fuckingdouche's pubic hair out and staple it to Fuckingdouche's face.
Fuckingdouche: You've converted me... Iron Maiden is fucking amazing.
Maidenhead: Damn straight.
by the one who worships Iron Maiden February 28, 2006
The greatest band ever!

Formed in East London in 1976 as a pub band,they are now one of the most immatated bands in Heavy Metal. The man who has held the band together through the rough times is Bass God Steve Harris. Steve had always dreamed of playing football for his team, West Ham United, but took up the Bass when they turned him down (to americans reading- West ham utd are a soccer team from England whose badge is the castle and hammers badge on Steve's bass). He was formerly a member of pub rockers Smiler. The heavy metal scene of the late 70s was widely regarded as stagnant, with only a few bands proving their ability to survive and produce music of quality. It was at this time that a new breed of young british bands began to emerge. This movement which began to break cover in 79 and 80 was called the new wave of british heavy metal and maiden were the definitive example. Since then, they've recorded 13 studio albums with dozens of classic metal anthems including hallowed be thy name, the trooper, aces high and the evil that men do.

Bruce Dickinson- vocals
Steve Harris- Bass, backing vocals
Adrian Smith- Guitar, backing vocals
Dave Murray- Guitar
Janick Gers- Guitar
Nicko McBrain- Drums
by ed hunter January 15, 2006
Hmmmm.....Let me see.....IRON MAIDEN ARE THE SINGLE BEST HEAVY METAL BAND EVER, GO SEE THEM NOW.....yup, oh yeah, this guy "Joe Joe"? sound like YOU had your balls cut off, you little incoherent fool, you probably didnt hear the best maiden songs properly cos of that shit in your ears, you castrated single one best maiden song, their newest album is WAY BETTER than metallicas new one, ahem, , sooo...UP THE IRONS, ROCK OUT TO FEAR OF THE DARK, HALLOWED BE THY NAME, DANCE OF DEATH, RAINMAKER, CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED(heh, me),STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, MONTSEGUR...SEE? THEIR NEW ALBUM ROCKS... AND ALL THE OTHER MAIDEN SONGS (can you name a bad maiden song)....

iron maiden=gods of metal
by SCrEWlOOsE June 07, 2004
the best metal band ever, in less then six months i have obtained 9 of there albums, anyone who doesnt like this band i will personally come out hunt down and shove into an iron maiden, whilst playing iron maiden the whole time.
iron maiden is the best
and there best song is...well there is no single best song, but im listining to the trooper right now.

by eric December 17, 2003
Best band in the world
Iron Maiden is the best band in the world!
by Eareckson Murray October 21, 2003
n. A band that has inspired all ears and has had an epic career as genious metal performers.
I went to the Iron Maiden show the other day and i have to say i was rocked out, in, out again.
by Tommy the Red October 04, 2003
BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
some songs include: hallowed be thy name, rime of the ancient mariner, fear of the dark, aces high, run to the hills, 2 minutes to midnight, number of the beast, the evil that men do, virus, the trooper and many, many, many, many more amazing songs! (they also have a wicked mascot eddy)
Dude i wish i wuz alive for rock in rio Iron Maiden kicks ass!
by CrazyMaidenFan April 04, 2005

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