Fucking kick ass metal band. Noteworthy songs include: 22 Acacia Avenue, Aces High, Powerslave, Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Number Of The Beast, and Run To The Hills.
Papa Roach suck ass for stealing Iron Maiden's riffs. God, whatever happened to a thing called originality?
by TallicaD00d June 12, 2004
The worlds best ever band, keep linkin park, greenday and girls aloud. Iron Maiden are so good that they dwarf even Motorhead and Metallica.
If you want to listen to a really good song go to HMV now and pick up any Iron Maiden Album. take it home bung it in your CD player and then enjoy the worlds best band.

Also, the reason the zombie is called eddie is very simple. In the garage that the band originally practiced in their was a halloween mask on the wall that was named "Ed the Head" this got turned into Eddie, who was given a body for the album cover and then became the bands mascot.
Iron Maiden kick so much ass that after listening to them you want to put your foot through something, the sole reason i took up my Bass guitar was just so that I could be like Steve Harris (who I idolise so much) I don't go a single day without listening to one of their songs.
by Stevo November 05, 2004
The Kings of Metal... Metallica began WAY after Maiden. The original Iron Maiden formed in 1976!!! Metallica are NOTHING compared to the might of Iron Maiden!!1
Did you see the way IRON MAIDEN never get the credit the most talented, fantastic band ever deserve???

Did you see IRON MAIDEN live??? Didn't they just kick soooo much ass???

Plenty of men would turn gay to have sex with Gods like IRON MAIDEN
by Dave Murray's willing vassal January 28, 2004
totally disagree with that guy on the other definition. "Fear of the dark" is the best iron maiden song. although iron maiden an metallica are qualitaaaaaaaaaaaay
iron fuckin maiden
by john September 29, 2003
The gods of music, many like them and many more hae heard of them.
Some cannot see the genious that is maiden, we call them idiots.
They are also playing at Leeds/Reading 2005
Albums: Iron Maiden, Killers, Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, Powerslave, Somewhere in time, 7th Son of a 7th Son, No Prayer for the dying, Fear of the dark, X factor, Virtual XI, Brave New World, Dance of Death.
Lives: Live After Death, A Real Live/Dead one, Live at Donnington, Rock in Rio.
Best Of: Best of the Beast, Edward The Great
DVD: Iron Maiden Music Videos, Rock In Rio, The Early Days part 1
Games: Ed Hunter
Others: Beast Over Hammersmith, Best of the B' Sides, The BBC Archives.
by Jayrider April 25, 2005
the best metal band ever
Iron Maiden kicks all other bands asses
by derek December 14, 2004
one of the greatest metal bands of all time!!!
iron maiden sing gr8 songs like: powerslave, phantom of the opera, run to the hills, flight of icarus and fear of the dark.

steve "it was awesome wen they sang fear of the dark"
matt "rkn"
by ROCK OWNS RAP April 24, 2006

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