An immensely popular metal band that hails from England, known for their high standard of musicianship, dramatic live performances, and off-kilter lyrical themes. The guitar duo of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray is arguably without equal when it comes to leads, solos, and harmonies. While their prime was roughly two decades ago, their 21st century albums are still first-rate efforts and easily lay all that mainstream junk to waste. Like any other band, they have their detractors, most of whom have precious little knowledge of music.
Iron Maiden are an exemplary band.
by Robert the Bruce April 14, 2005
GOD - too many fuckin good songs to write here.
dude I just saw Iron Maiden at Madison Square Garden for the Gimme Ed Till Im Dead Tour. It was the greatest thing ever.
by DLM August 09, 2003
A fucking good Metal band
The best Iron Maiden song is 'No prayer for the dying' (according to me).
by Jimbo Watson Junior May 11, 2003
A British heavy metal band.Metallica owes there careers to this band.
oh man this iron maiden shit is good!
by Jim Harvest Jew Mew November 10, 2003
THE BEST BAND ON THE UNIVERSE, OF ALL FUCKING TIMES. Steve Haris is my god. I couldn't live if i couldn't hear iron maiden. The other definition (def 38), was a piece of shit and im sure that all we agree, go kill urself bitch. All their albums are fucking godly.( best song has to be Hallowed By Thy Name, i do agre, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Random White guy: Iron Maiden....Whats that?
Crazzy Maiden Fan: They are gods on earth, go lick some grundle you dumb fuck.
by Pinto October 04, 2004
Best band ever. Enough said.
Best song is Trooper, everyone should listen to this song.
by Jamie January 08, 2004
1.A british heavy metal band formed in 1976, considered by many to be the best band ever (I agree) however some people just cannot cut the awesome metal sound that is iron maiden, and for that i pity them. There live gigs are the best shows you will ever go to, they are also an influence on almost every heavy metal band in the last 25 years (including metallica).
2. A during device popular during the 1600s (imagine a coffin with nails in it)
3. A british doom metal banded formed in 1964... no really...
1. maiden kicked ass at reading festival
2. take them to the iron maiden!... for torture!
3. wow, didnt know that
by maiden_fan_666 October 14, 2005
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