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1. A supposed medieval torture device consisting of a hollow iron statue or coffin in the shape of a woman that is lined with spikes which impale the enclosed victim.
2. One of the greatest band ever in the history of thy world
3. A spell from Diablo 2 which causes meele enemies
to get damage.
1. I dont want to go in the IronMaiden
2. Iron Maiden pwns other bands
3. Stupid oblivion knights! With thier Iron maiden!
by Masterhand666 March 22, 2006
46 8
The greatest heavy metal band on the planet past or present bar none. Enough said.
Iron Maiden's gonna get you, no matter how far.

Iron Maiden can't be fought, Iron Maiden can't be sought.

Steve Harris is GOD!

Up The Irons!
by PooPooEarthGirl August 01, 2006
51 15
Iron Maiden is The FUCKING BEST METAL BAND EWER!!In my opinion they are not only good for their amazing guitar solos and drum parts, but more for its FUCKING helluva good songs...
Not like some metal, that talks about pain and bitch and compain about shit that the singers dont have a first clue about.I prefer punk but i still thinx that Iron Maiden are legends, and the best metal bend ever to walk teh planet!!!!
The best songs are: Hallowed be thy name, holy smoke, the sign of the cross, run to the hills, the trooper, wildest dreams, blood brothers, ....
The sign of the cross,
the name of the rose,
a fire in the sky,
the sign of the cross
by PaNx July 27, 2005
57 21
1) A british metal band, easily recognized by Bruce Dickinsons distinct voice and amazing vocal range. Best known songs include Run to the Hills, Number of the Beast and Hallowed be Thy Name. Latest album (as of 2007) was A Matter of Life & Death. Iron Maiden takes their name from the torture device (below).

2) A torture device, where the victim would be impaled from all sides by spikes. Contrary to popular belief, no iron maidens have ever actually been used. The only known non-contemporary model was built in the late 19th century as a hoax.
1) "I heard that Bruce Dickinson rejoined Iron Maiden! Rock on!"

2) "You don't like Iron Maiden? Get in the iron maiden!"
by GenesisDK April 20, 2007
42 7
A great speed metal band. Whoever says Iron Maiden is a crappy heavy metal band is an asshole who can't get their facts straight, and don't know that they are a speed metal band.
Person1: Iron Maiden is the worst heavy metal band ever

Person2: Get your facts straight before you go dissing bands douchebag.
by grapejelly September 23, 2006
51 16
The best damn band on the planet, they pretty much are the only metal band you should here of, and if u aint, u shud bloody do somehting about it!!!! they r the best band in the world, n the kick arse!
best song's gotta be, "ghost of the navigator", or "the wicker man"

Go buy atleast 1 of their albums cos i got 13,
by Si February 10, 2004
65 30
A current heavy metal band.
Iron Maiden's best song is "Hallowed Be Thy Name."
by Supernaut September 03, 2003
62 27